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Bohol Blood Compact Site

When you travel to Bohol Philippines be sure that you take the time to visit the the Bohol Blood Compact Site, it's located in Tagbilaran City, it's easy to find and getting there is no problem, and it's a very interesting Bohol tour. The history behind the Blood Compact Site goes back many centuries and is between to great individuals, Miguel Lopez de Legazpi who was from Spain and Rajah Sikatuna who was a native of Bohol.

The Bohol Blood Compact is a really beautiful sculpture that was created personally by one of the Philippines national artist, Napoleon Abueva, who himself is a Boholano. The Bohol Blood Compact sculpture has been set in an open area that sits on a raised platform, which portrays five (5) life-sized statues of these men all gathered around a small table, in the picture and video it is Legazpi and Sikatuna who are making a toast to each other of friendship and peace. 

It was in this exact same location, overlooking the sea that Miguel Lopez de Legazpi and Rajah Sikatuna sealed a blood compact, therefore each person made a small cut on their hand, allowing blood to be mixed with the wine, each person drank from the cup containing the others blood. This is how a blood compact was done to show trust and support for each other back in this time.

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