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Bohol Butterfly Farm

If you love nature and if you also love butterflies, then Simply Butterflies in Bohol should be your next Bohol tour, as Simply Butterflies has been founded on principled butterfly conservation concepts. To secure and enhance the natural surrounding of where butterflies live and breed, we do this, researching the different plants that they like, studying their breeding habits and monitoring their population. 

Bohol, like so many of the other islands in the Philippines, has a really terrific variety of butterflies, in so many different sizes and colors. However they have actually been coming to be much more rare every year. The Simply Butterflies facility is helping to increase the dwindeling butterfly population, as-well-as to assist in rasing much needed cash aid in the growth of the local neighborhoods. We are proud to say that were the very first to begin a butterfly programm where the focus has been on reproducing and preservation in Bohol.

Filipinos have actually held the idea for a long time that butterflies hurt and can even kill individuals. We now have adopted what has become known as “The International Union of Conservation” (IUCN) and idea focused on "Conservation Through Development". However with having a financial motivation securely linked to preservation and livelihood advancement possibilities; even our sub breeder's returns provide a solid incentive to operate as-well-as aid with the natural wildlife and our environment, aiding with the survival of the butterfly populace is carefully tied to their earnings.

Did you know that there are over 300 species of butterflies that have been discovered in Bohol and with over half the species being found right here at Simply Butterflies Conservation center in Bohol Philippines.

By enlightening the individuals and discussing know-how of ways to breed butterflies, the facility has actually built a community of paid breeders in a location along with major shortage of employment and income. These breeders cooperate with the facility to make certain butterflies made use of at the center or the butterfly items that are exported from the island are made from maintainable hand reproduced resources, not captured from bush triggering damages to the butterfly populace.

The facility additionally raises the location's population of butterflies by launching large amounts of different butterfly species that have been hand bred into their natural habitat utilizing only the surplus for making products to offer.

In our location we can say that we have still much that can be discovered regarding the rare butterfly host plants. With the capturing of unusual butterflies proceeds, without any kind of studies in to these host plants, and the loss of the different species in these areas, and with all of the illegal poaching that takes place as well as the deforestation, then smaller population can be expected.

The reproduction of typical butterflies for export assists fund host plant study, advancement and the reproduction of rare butterflies.

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