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Bohol Hanging Bamboo Bridge

When you are in Bohol on vacation and your looking for something a little different to do, why not take a tour of the Bamboo Hanging Bridge that connects the Sipatan River in Sevilla Bohol. 

Several years ago when the Bamboo Bridge in Bohol was being built they used natural bamboo from the local forest. Everything was bamboo, however over time the natural ropes began to deteriorate, so over time the ropes where replaced using heavy steal cables, not only did this help with stability, the integrity of the bridge itself has improved.

Safe & Stable Bamboo Bridge

Today the deck of the Bamboo Bridge is still made from thinly sliced bamboo slats, that are woven in-between the steel cables, so you still have a very natural look, that is totally safe for the many Bohol tourist who walk across this fantastic bridge every day.

At first when you step onto the bridge, it causes the bamboo to make a creaking sound, and if that is not unnerving enough, then the swaying back and forth begins, and with a slight bouncing this now feels more like a carnival ride, without safety straps.

Two Hanging Bamboo Bridges

There are actually two bridges, they are just a few meters apart, however each of these bamboo bridges stretch across the Sipatan River some 130 plus feet. Now the river is some 40 or so feet below, so you need to be careful and hang on to the side rails, and if you have children with you, do not let them walk along.

Bohol Gifts & Souvenir Shops

Once you cross over the Bamboo Bridge you will arrive at some small shops selling souvenirs like t-shirts, ball-caps and many different types of statues created from wood. Most of the items here are created by locals trying to earn just a small amount, so if you are looking for some souvenir then I suggest buying here where the prices are lower, and the money goes to the locals.

Your Bohol Travel Choice

Again, this is a very nice Bohol attraction, it's quite unique and very interesting to see and even more exciting is to walk across the bamboo bridge in Sevilla Bohol, enjoy. Be sure to watch our video, it will give you a great idea of what to expect when you arrive here, and remeber here at WOW Philippines Travel Agency you will recieve the best rates on all Bohol tours.