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Bohol Tarsier Sanctuary

When you travel to Bohol for your vacation you really must take the time to visit the Philippines Tarsier Foundation that is located in Corella Bohol, it's only about 20 to 30 minutes from Tagbilaran City.

Traveling around Bohol is quite easy, especially if you take one of our per-arranged Bohol Tours that provides you and your family with a late model air-conditioned van and a driver who is knowledgeable  of the area.

Sometimes here at WOW Philippines Travel Agency in Manila we hear about tourist who decided to take their Bohol tour on their own, now this is ok, but keep in mind that if you are traveling on your own the time you spend traveling may be far longer than you had anticipated due to not knowing the area very well. 

The Tarsier Encounter

Once you reach the entrance to the Philippines Tarsier Sanctuary you will walk into a very nice reception area that is well laid out, you will see a nicely constructed display of the Tarsier Sanctuary under a glass enclosure. On the walls you will see posters of the Tarsier as-well-as more information about their habitat and there need for a sanctuary.

The Philippines Tarsier Sanctuary

The Tarsier sanctuary located here in Corella Bohol is really the very best sanctuary in the Philippines, it sits on over 134 hectares of heavily forested land, providing the Tarsier with a natural habitat. 

As you walk into the sanctuary where the Bohol Tarsiers are kept, the first thing you notice is that the area is nicely kept, with nice trails leading around and through the forest for easy access when walking. There is also a stream with a bridge and a small pond that has lotus growing in it, this natural water way provides the Tarsier with it's water. 

The forest area is also kept replenished with natural insects for the Tarsiers, this provides them with food for a more natural diet, including a large number of butterflies. The Tarsier is a nocturnal creature so during the day it is hard to find them, as they sleep in the trees. Your tour guide will be the one to help you spot them, and in getting some really nice Tarsier pictures also, like the ones seen below.

Do Not Touch

There are some Tarsier Sanctuary's around Bohol that will allow you to hold them, but this is NOT LEGAL, and it is encouraged that tourist not do this, first of all this is a wild primate, and they can and will bite if provoked, and more importantly is their preservation, it is actually harmful to the Tarsier, so please appreciate their beauty from a short distance.

An Excellent Bohol Tour

The Tarsier Sanctuary in Bohol is a fantastic tour, very educational and fun for the entire family and highly recommended by WOW Philippines Travel Agency in Manila one of the premier tour and travel companies here in the Philippines specializing in Bohol packages and over 95 Bohol hotels.