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Bohol Python & Wildlife Park

During your Bohol vacation do not forget to visit the Bohol Python and Wildlife Sanctuary in Laya Baclayon Bohol, the only Animal Welfare Friendly Municipality in the Philippines. Here you can see all types of rescued wildlife, including monkey's, monitor lizards, all types of tropical birds including parrots, and the star of the Bohol Wildlife Park “Prony” a 17 year old 28 foot long Python that weighs in at an incredible 595 pounds.

Prony the Python

The Bohol Python and Wildlife Park is really a fun place to visit and it's quite educational for those who are interested in learning about the need for wildlife sanctuaries like this. The entire exhibit will take only about 30 to 45 minutes for one to explore, however I found the time here to be well spent. 

As I said earlier the star attraction here at the Bohol Wildlife Park is Prony, the largest Python known to be in captivity anywhere in the world. This is one really large snake, incredible is more in the way one would describe Prony, who is fed by the local staff here every full moon. 

On the day that we arrived Prony had just finished eating a goat, so as you watch the video you will see where Prony's stomach is somewhat square, well that is where the goat is.

Birds and Other Animals

There are also many other animals here, you will see all types of wild birds including a Philippines Eagle that had been rescued and brought here. Without the Bohol Wildlife Park many of these animals could not survive in the wild due to injuries sustained either by other animals or humans trying to capture them to sell for profit. 

So keep in mind that by visiting the Bohol Wildlife Park you are helping to support these rescued animals, with every ticket you purchase.

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