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Bohol Island in the Philippines

Bohol Island Philippines MapBohol is a small island located in the central part of the Philippine Islands, known as the Visayas region. Bohol Island has a total of seventy-five (75) smaller islands that surround it's main island. One of the really cool features for Bohol is that it has a total of 162 miles of beautiful coastline, where tourist from all over the world are free to explore.

Bohol is a very exciting island to visit, there is just so much history here, as-well-as beautiful white beaches, and large areas of forest and very unique species of wildlife can all be found here in Bohol Philippines. 

Panglao Island could be seen as a little Boracay in some ways, for example Panglao is known for it's powder soft white beaches, beautiful blue waters and fantastic weather. Panglao Island is located just to the southwest of Tagbilaran City, and is a very popular with scuba diving enthusiast, have ten (10) scuba diving areas that are known by many throughout the world. 

The Philippine Tarsier is considered to be the second-smallest primate in the world, and is indigenous to the Panglao Island in the Philippines. Here on Panglao Island you will have the opportunity to visit a really nice Bohol Tarsier Sanctuary, where you can see the Tarsier in it's natural habitat.

The Filipinos that live on the island of Bohol are known as “Boholanos” and they are happy to describe their island birthplace as, “The Republic of Bohol" stating this with both conviction and pride. 

Anytime is a good time to visit the beautiful Island of Bohol, however the climate on Bohol is  generally dry, with a maximum amount of rain generally between the months of June and October. 

Tourist always comment that the interior of Bohol Island is relatively cooler than the coastal areas, so it you like it hot and sunny, then the Bohol beaches are perfect.


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