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Tagbilaran Bohol Airport

Tagbilaran Airport in BoholWhen traveling to Bohol Island you will need fly into the airport located in Tagbilaran City, the Tagbilaran Airport is currently the only airport on the island of Bohol. The Bohol airport is fairly small, currently it can handle only small planes that carry between 50 to 100 passengers.

Once you arrive at the airport you will walk from the airplane across the tarmac to the the baggage area located inside the Tagbilaran Airport. The baggage claim area is manual, there is no automated conveyor system, so the process of collecting your baggage can at times be a little slow.

As you exit the Tagbilaran Airport you will see transport companies waiting here, if you have booked your Bohol package with WOW Philippines Travel Agency in Manila, then you will have a van waiting here ready to take you directly to anyone of our 95 Bohol hotels listed.

If you did not book you Bohol tours with our travel agency in Manila then you will need to look for a transport company on your own, and pay a separate fee going to your choice of hotel in Bohol. 


Coming Soon! The Panglao Island International Airport

Currently there are discussions about placing an airport on Panaglao Island, the idea is somewhat controversial, however the idea is to make this new airport the international airport for Bohol, which would help support the Bohol tourism industry. 

Since 2005 Panglao Island has become an exciting Philippines destination for international travelers, tourist looking for a place that could offer more than just a white beach for activities. Bohol is currently being promoted as the next top Philippines destination after Boracay Island, since here on Panglao Island you have powder soft white sand beaches as-well-as some really awesome land tours where you can see some really incredible sites like, Mag-Aso Falls, The Bohol Chocolate Hills, The Tarsier Sanctuary and so much more.