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Bohol Beaches

Bohol Island in the Philippines is yet another great example of the fantastic white sand beaches found here in the Philippines. Bohol like so many other destinations in the Philippines has some truly beautiful white sand beaches, just like what can be found on Boracay Island. There are a total of 15 really excellent Bohol beaches where you and your family can enjoy wonderful beach activities, everything from snorkeling to scuba diving and every activity in-between.


Alona Beach 

Alona BeachPossibly one of the most attractive, and undoubtedly one of the most established Bohol beaches is Alona Beach which can be found on Panglao Isalnd. Alona Beach can be found on the Southwest of Panglao Island, this lovely white beach is almost one mile long, and lined with beautiful tall coconut trees, which are wonderful for providing some shade as you relax on a beach-chair getting some much  needed sun. 

You will also find a great number of beach resorts, scuba diving centers and restaurants set along the shore of Alona Beach, so whatever activity you may choose, you are very close to your Bohol hotel accommodations.

When swimming at Alona Beach you will need to be careful, as from from time-to-time you will find Sea Urchins here, these small and round spiny inverebrates live on the seafloor. These Sea Urchins are generally found at about 100 feet from shore, so one needs to be careful beyond this distance. 

Dumaluan Beach

Dumaluan BeachDumaluan Beach is also a very nice white beach on Panglao Islands south side, and is only about a quarter of a mile from Alona Beach. Here on Dumaluan Beach you will find more upscale Bohol resorts like the Bohol Beach Club.

As you walk down the Dumaluan Beach on Panglao Island you will also see these really unique and interesting native type cabanas, each constructed from native materials like bamboo and cogon grass, the ones seen here in this picture are located directly in front of the Bohol Beach Club. If you want to layout on the beach and get some sun, then let the staff at the Bohol hotel where you are staying know, and they will provide you with a nice beach-front lounge chair and towel.

Whats really interesting is that you will not see these native type cabanas on Boracay, however Boracay beach is lined with very colorful beach-umbrellas and plastic beach-beds.

Bikini Beach 

If you and your family would like to spend the day on the beach having a picnic then we recommend Bikini Beach wich is about 5 miles from Tagbilaran City. You will find that a lot of tourist come here for it's white sand beach and calm water as-well-as the tall coconut trees that provide such nice shade from the afternoon sun. You will find some fantastic amenities here like wooden tables and nice cabanas where you and your family can relax and enjoy a nice picnic. 

There are also different water activities available here on Bikini Beach, although they are at an additional cost, for example, there is a charge for renting boats, snorkeling gear and other water type gear.

Momo Beach 

Located about 12 miles from Tagbilaran City on the north side of Bohol is Momo Beach, a quite shallow beach that is considered by many tourist to be a virgin beach, due to it's under development. Here at Momo Beach you will find absolute crystal clear waters and a beautiful white sand beach that is just powdery soft.

Momo Beach is very secluded, so if you are looking for a Bohol Beach for absolute rest and relaxation then this just may be the kept secret as far as beaches go.

Doljo Beach

A really beautiful Bohol beach is the Doljo Beach which is about 2 miles long and is also under explored and developed. For both snorkeling and suba diving the Doljo Beach is recommended due to the wonderful corals and large variety of tropical fish that can be found here. 

There are only three (3) resorts found here on Doljo Beach which are thee Ananyana Bohol Beach Resort, the Palm Island Bohol Resort and the Muro-Ami Bohol Seaside Resort. Here on Doljo Beach you will find a combination of high end and mid-range Bohol Hotels.