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Alona Beach

Alona BeachAlona Beach is a small but attractive Bohol Beach that provides a very quite and peaceful atmosphere for tropical beach enthusiast, with it's lovely powder soft white beach lined with tall coconut palms that sway back and forth in the warm summer breeze, now that's paradise my friends.

You can take a casual walk from one end of Alona Beach to the other in less than 45 minutes, each end of Alona Beach is sealed off with large rock walls, this just means more privacy, since tourist from nearby Dumaluan Beach cannot cross over, this just means that the beach is only for tourist staying on Alona Beach.

As you walk along the beach you will notice the nice white sand, it's soft, very similiar to what you can experience on the island of Boracay. There are so many different activities one can experience here, like sailing, kayaking, snorkeling, sucba diving, island hopping, fishing so whatever you want to do, it's all right here on Alona Beach just waiting for you.


Snorkeling & Kayaking at Alona Beach

This is one of the really fun and exciting activities to be explored while on Alona Beach in Bohol, and that is snorkeling. This is your opportunity to really explore the wonderful world below the ocean, where you will see all types of fascinating sea creatures including many different types of tropical fish, that normally you could only see when visiting a pet store.

If you love Kayking, then Alona Beach offers you the perfect environment for Kayaking, you can enjoy this Bohol activity either by yourself or have a friend join you. There are numerous places along Alona Beach in Bohol where you can rent a Kayak very cheap, once you rent the kayak it will be for about one hour, which is long enough to enjoy the fantastic waters the surround Bohol Island.

The House Reef

Now at about 300 feet from the shore of Alona Beach you will reach “The House Reef” which is about about 16 feet down. This is a fantastic coral reef to explore while snorkeling, there is just so much to see and experience here. 

If you are a scuba diver then you will really appreciate this reef, since you can dive down and get a much closer look at this beautiful coral reef and all the sea creatures that live here. Even if you are a beginner with scuba diving, there are so many diving centers on Panglao Island, with most being on Alona Beach.