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Bohol Videos

This video is of the Bohol Chocolate Hills, these are located in Carmen Bohol. There are other locations in Bohol where you can see the Chocolate Hills, there is also Sagbayan Peak, they also have a very nice lookout area with a very nice restaurant and a separate play area for children, and their lookout point is located at the top of a Chocolate Hill.

This video is called Discover Panglao Island, it's a short video that takes through the different Panglao Island Tours, with regards to what you can expect to see during this tour. This is a fantastic tour, it's very exciting and takes a full day to complete, you will see and learn alot about Panglao Island and Bohol, so this is a very recommended Bohol tour.

Visiting the Bohol Tarsier Sanctuary is really one of the most exciting experiences, you will be guided through a dense forest area that is the natural habitat fon the Tarsier. Since the Tarsier is very small, in-fact it is one of the worlds smallest primates, you will have to look through the dense forest very carefully to that you can spot them.

It can be said that the Bohol Bee Farm offers one of the best tours in Bohol, the tour guide was very knowledgeable about all of the products and services they provide, he was also able to field questions and give very clear and exact answers. The tour at the Bohol Bee Farm is one of the logest tours, lasting about 1 hour, so if you get hungry there is also a restaurant there.