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Discover Panglao Island Bohol

The next time you are taking your vacation in Bohol Philippines be sure to take the excellent Bohol tour of Discover Panglao Island, which takes you to several top Bohol destinations. First Panglao Island is a small tropical island just off the main island of Bohol, here you can enjoy beautiful white sand beaches and swim in crystal clear waters, that are sure to help you relax and enjoy your vacation holiday.

Panglao Island & Travel+Leisure Magazine

Back in March of 2012 the popular New York based magazine “Travel+Leisure” named Panglao Island as having some of the best beaches on the planet. The Island of Bohol has so much to offer tourist looking for a fun filled and exciting holiday, and Panglao Island is like the icing on the cake, it just completes a fantastic Bohol tour.

During your Discover Panglao Island Tour you will visit seven (7) very interesting Bohol attractions, everything from natural waterfalls to historic churches and everything in-between. So lets take a look at some really awesome tours that are available on Panglao Island.

Mag-Aso Falls

Although Mag-Aso Falls is not located on Panglao Island you will not want to miss this beautiful attraction located in the town of Antequera Bohol. Here you will explore two beautiful waterfalls that stand about 25 feet tall, they are truly beautiful and offer an awe inspiring feeling. Mag-Aso Falls offers a really great place to take photos and to swim, so be sure to bring extra clothes.

Dauis Church

Next is a trip to Dauis which is located on Panglao Island, here we visit the “Our Lady of Assumption Catholic Church”, a really beautiful church that was designed with architecture influenced by both Byzantine and Romanesque. If you love old churches then this Bohol Church will definitely impress you, with it's beautiful alters and painted ceilings.

Hinagdanan Cave

Here is yet another really fantastic Bohol attraction, the Hinagdanan Cave also located on Panglao Island. Here you can experience a small cave that has it's own small freshwater lagoon, where you may see some local children swimming. The Hinagdanan Cave is really cool and offers the chance to see some stalagmites and stalactites. You will need to be very careful as you walk around this cave area, as the floor is quite slippery.

Bohol Bee Farm

Now the Bohol Bee Farm is most definitely my favorite Bohol attraction, here you can see how honey is harvested from honey-bees, they will explain the entire process, even allowing you to hold the honey-comb frame that holds the freshly made honey. 

There is also an organic farm here, everything that is grown and raised here is used to create natural organic products, it's really awesome, in-fact you will even have the chance to see how clothes are created using an old hand-operated loom, this is the best Bohol tour.

Panglao Church

There are numerous old churches on the island of Panglao, all of which are so beautiful and offer tourist a unique experience, and the Saint Augustine Parish Church is not exception. Thee architecture for this Bohol church can be traced back to a very unique Baroque style that began around the 1600's in Rome, Italy, this style was used to produce grandeur.

On the side of this beautiful church you will also see what appears to be a face drawn on the coral stone that was used to build this church. The St. Augustine Church in Bohol sits just a few hundred meters from the ocean, the view is spectacular.

Nova Shell Museum

If you love looking at seashells then the Nova Shell Museum on Panglao Island is a fascinating museum to visit. Here you can see some of the worlds rarest seashells that are worth hundreds of dollars. Here at the Nova Shell Museum you will also see one of the worlds smallest shells, where a magnifying glass is needed to view the shell for detail.

Alona Beach

Without any doubt the Philippines has some of the worlds most beautiful beaches, most people are pretty familiar with Boracay Island, which has the longest white beach in all of Asia, which is the world famous Boracay Beach. However few people are aware that Bohol Island also has some really beautiful beaches, for example Alona Beach is probably one of the most recognized Bohol Beaches, Alona Beach is a beautiful white beach that like Boracay has powder soft sand and crystal clear blue waters.

Alona Beach on Panglao Island is really one of the best beaches on the island of Bohol, and as an added bonus you will also find many scuba diving centers here, as Bohol is known throughout the world for having some of the best diving in the Philippines.

Best Bohol Tours

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