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Hinagdanan Cave Bohol

As you spend your vacation days in Bohol, do not forget to visit another really nice Bohol attraction, the Hinagdanan Cave located in Dauis, which is on Panglao Island in Bohol Philippines. The Bohol Hinagdanan Cave in Dauis was discovered in the 16th Century by a farmer who was clearing away trees and brush from his land, as he was clearing the land he noticed that there were two adjacent holes. As the farmer removed more tree stumps and foliage he was now able to see into the holes better, yet still not able to see clearly inside, so he decided to throw a stone into the hole, not expecting a splash, that was a surprise.

Present Entrance

The entrance that is currently being used today was not discovered until some time later when a large tree had died and started to decay, once they started to remove the stump they quickly realized that it was connected to the two holes found here years earlier. Around this time a ladder was created so the people could get down into the cave and inspect it, the word ladder in the local Bohol dialect is "Hagdan", so the cave became known as the cave that needed a ladder to descend into, later they started calling this really cool Bohol attraction the Hinagdanan Cave.

Early Day Uses

Once the Hinagdanan Cave was opened to the locals they started to use it as their main source of drinking water, bathing and also for washing clothes.

Things to See & Experience

Once inside the Hinagdanan Cave you will see some really cool things including stalactites and stalagmites which come from the ceiling and floor, there are areas of the cave where these awesome things appear to meet each other, some do actually touch. 

Fresh Water Lagoon

Once inside the Hinagdanan Cave you will be surprised to see a fresh water lagoon, you may even see some local children swimming here, although the water at times does test positive for pollutants, the locals still find this lagoon as a refreshing place to cool off from the summer heat.

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