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Loay River Cruise Bohol

During your Bohol vacation you will not want to miss out on this fantastic Bohol tour, it's the Loay River Cruise, this is a wonderful way to spend your early afternoon, having lunch on a river boat as you cruise down the river surrounded by beautiful tall coconut palms and banana trees.

There are two river cruises, the Loboc River Cruise and the Loay River Cruise, the latter being the lesser known of the two. However we recommend the Loay River Cruise in Bohol over the Loboc River Cruise due to it's scenic beauty and there being less congestion of other boats.

Buffet Style Lunch or Dinner

You can choose your Bohol river cruise time, either lunch or dinner, this is completely your choice, (only the Loboc River Cruise offers dinner). Once you board the boat, a catamaran style vessel that offers space enough for a large dining area, where you are served a preset lunch buffet style. 

The lunch buffet consisted of fresh seafood, roasted chicken, a vegetable dish, soup, salad and rice. Everything was really good, and it is served hot, which was very nice, and you can also order drinks that consist of beer, soda, fresh juice and bottled water.

As you enjoy your buffet lunch you will also have the chance to hear a local musician play different songs, some local Filipino songs and also some classic folk songs, this is really quite nice.

Authentic Ati-Tribe

As you enjoy your relaxing and scenic cruise down the Loay River, which takes about one (1) hour or so, you will come upon an authentic native tribe called the “Ati-Tribe” who live here along the Loay River. 

You will see both adults and children selling native hand-made items ranging from small bracelets to necklaces. The children will be dressed in native costumes and will be carrying lizards and snakes, they will ask for a picture, hoping for a peso donation, it's nice to give about 20 peso. 

You will stay here at the Ati-Tribe compound for about 15 minutes before heading back up-river to where you will debark from this unique river vessel, and continuing on with your Bohol tour.

Book Your Bohol Tour in Advance

The Loay River cruise in Bohol is a fantastic attraction, very relaxing and a really fun experience. You can book this tour with any of our 95 Bohol Packages and Bohol Hotels through WOW Philippines Travel Agency in Manila.