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Mag-Aso Falls Bohol

The Bohol Mag-Aso Falls is a beautiful attraction that is located in Antequera Bohol Philippines, which is about 12 miles or so from Tagbilaran City, about a 30 minute drive by van or taxi, depending on traffic. Antequera Bohol is a really beautiful area that is blessed with rolling hills and dense forest that offer fresh rivers and small streams, the exact thing nature lovers come here for from all over the world.

The Twin Mag-Aso Falls

Once you arrive at the parking area above Mag-Aso Falls you can already hear the sound of the rushing water, and it's awesome, from here you can hardly contain your excitement. However there is a price to pay for one to enjoy such beauty, and that price comes in the form of 197 steps which lead down to where the beautiful twin falls are located. 

Once you arrive at Mag-Aso Falls you are greeted by twin 25 foot tall waterfalls that are set within a truly picturesque setting coupled with the sound of the rushing waterfalls you could almost feel overwhelmed by the natural beauty. All around these waterfalls you see tall trees and tropical foliage, mixed with the sounds of birds and other wild jungle animals including monkeys. 

Why Mag-Aso Falls

The name is quite interesting, the word “Aso” means smoke in the local Bohol dialect. Once you are at the falls, especially early in the morning, you will see a fine mist rise up from where the water falls into the lagoon below, it's this very fine mist that can appear smoke like, so became the name Mag-Aso Falls, which is a must see Bohol attraction.

Swimming is Allowed

Once you arrive at the falls you will most certainly feel hot and sweaty, this is now the perfect opportunity to go for a refreshing swim. The water here is nice and cool, and feels just awesome, and with the natural surroundings, it just does not get better than this, in-fact I can say without any reservation that this was one of my most favorite Bohol tours.

Take the Time

Although Mag-Aso Falls is relatively out of the way and off the beaten path, it really is worth the time and effort to visit, especially if you are a nature lover. So if you are visiting Bohol Philippines anytime in the near future or plan on spending your vacation here then I really do suggest taking the time to book this Bohol tour with WOW Philippines Travel Agency in Manila, who specialize in over 95 Bohol packages and Bohol hotels that include wonderful city and countryside tours of Bohol.